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Letter of intent

A researcher who wishes to apply for a grant is required to write a letter of intent of maximum 2 pages. No special format is required.

He/she should describe briefly the research contemplated, explaining the idea of the research and pointing to the practical applications of the results.

The size of the research project and a tentative time frame should be provided.

A short CV of the applicant should be attached.

He/she should also indicate whether the research is an individual proposal or that of a team.

The letter of intent can be sent to NTW's secretariat at all times, by e-mail or post (ldgreef[at] replace [at] with @. NTW will acknowledge receipt of all applications.

NTW will then examine the letter of intent and correspond with the applicant if necessary. If the proposal meets the eligibility criteria and falls within NTW's mission, NTW will invite the applicant to submit a full proposal.


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