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Submitting a full proposal

Introductory remark

If selected for funding, applicants accept an obligation to:

  • make all efforts toward the practical application of their findings;
  • publish research results in peer reviewed journals;
  • disseminate the results to the broadest audience through general articles, books and chapters in books, manuals and guidelines, educational material, etc., as appropriate


NTW only considers complete, well documented and properly presented proposals. It does not impose a special format for grant applications. The full proposal should contain:

  • Summary of less than one page.
  • Justification of the research, the present state of knowledge, and a thorough review of literature.
  • Research objectives. If the research is a part of a broader programme, the objectives of such a programme will be presented, and the authors will explain how the proposal submitted to NTW fits into that more general programme;
  • Material and methods, including sampling procedures, statistical methods for analysing results, etc. A special paragraph would specify how the researchers intend to keep a "procedure book" (i.e. a diary of all data collection and other operations, nowadays mandatory for every research involving human subjects).
  • Plan of operations (Who is going to do what? Where? When? etc.), if necessary in narrative form.
  • Calendar of operations.
  • Budget.
    • Budget items to be justified by providing unit costs (or estimates of such costs),
    • The amount of financial support received from other sources (with clear indication of such sources) should also be given.
    • The budget should be presented in either EUR or USD.
    • The maximum budget requested should not exceed 35.000€
  • List of bibliographical references.
  • A short C.V. of each of the researchers.
  • A copy of the report of the ethical committee of the senior investigator's institution.
  • The name and title of the person who will manage the funds.
  • A statement on how the investigators intend to disseminate their results (scientific publications, organising seminars or training sessions, participation in congresses, writing of manuals and guides, etc.).
  • An assessment of the probability that the investigation's results will be put into practical application (by an NGO, the government, other agencies), and a statement on how the investigators will endeavour to achieve this goal.

Researchers are encouraged to consult with the secretariat, request additional information, explain their difficulties, etc. NTW will be happy to assist them. One of the organisation's tasks is to assist the investigators in all possible ways.

If you send your application by e-mail, don't forget to give your full postal address and phone and fax numbers.

Format for budget presentation

The budget items should be grouped under the following headings (per year, and total over the grant period):

  • Personnel: local and in Belgium
  • Travel: local and international
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Miscellaneous
  • Overhead (maximum 10 %)
  • Grand total


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